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Lead Pastor


Pastor Yenny Gunawan who was born in Padang, West Sumatra on July 1, 1954 is a housewife whom God has used wonderfully to pastor Gereja Bethel Indonesia Berlin. 

She was one of the people who witnessed the establishment of GBI Berlin in 1996. Pastor Yenny Gunawan began her service at GBI Berlin in 1996 as an usher and collector. In 2004, she was entrusted to be the Treasurer of GBI Berlin.


Furthermore, in 2008 she was appointed as Deputy Pastor of GBI Berlin. And in July 2010 she officially became Associate Pastor of GBI Berlin and since November 2010 by God's grace she was appointed as a Lead Pastor of GBI Berlin. In 2021, Mrs. Gunawan got her Pastor title (Pdm) from the BPLN Europe Assembly, GBI Synod.

Until now she continues to faithfully serve as Pastor of GBI Berlin which runs with obedience to the guidance of the Holy Spirit and also obedience to the authorities above and the principle that all glory belongs only to God. 

michael tjioeputra

Associate Pastor


Since arriving in 2011 to continue his studies, Michael or better known as Cio / Ko Cio has been actively serving at GBI Berlin in various fields. He served as a multimedia team, treasurer, public relations & information, secretary, small group leader, mission coordinator until he was appointed as an associate pastor and deputy head of organization in September 2019. Outside of his ministry, Michael currently works at a Venture Capital that focuses on Artificial Intelligence.

Although he is the youngest among the leadership team, but with his liveliness and integrity Michael has played a vital role in leading the church and its congregation. He has become a close figure for many people inside and outside the church, bridging and connecting generations. As deputy head of organization, Michael focuses on Pastoral Care and Organizational Management. Since May 2021, Michael has also been officially appointed as a Primary Pastor (Pdp) by the BPLN Europe Assembly - Indonesian Bethel Church Synod.

Associate Pastor


Having served God since a very young age makes Roberth one of the figures who has a vast spiritual experience and become a senior for the younger generation in GBI Berlin. Roberth joined GBI Berlin in 2006 while  continuing his specialization studies and has been actively involved our church back then. His ministry to this day consistently focuses on sharing the truth of God's word and building a life of prayer, praise and worship. 

Roberth currently works as a medical doctor who specialized in Radiology and Nuclear Medicine and works for a major hospital in Berlin. He married Susanne in 2017 and has one daughter, Josephine. In 2017 Roberth was appointed as an associate pastor and then as deputy head of organization in 2019, currently still leading our Prayer Team. Since May 2021, Roberth has also been officially appointed as a Primary Pastor (Pdp) by the BPLN Europe Assembly - Indonesian Bethel Church Synod.

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