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Pastor Drs.Budi Sastradiputra, M.Th. (commonly called Rev. Budi Sastra) is a full-time servant of God since 1994 at GBI Jl.Gatot Subroto, Jakarta under the guidance of Bp.Pdt.DR.Ir.Niko Njotorahardjo. Currently Mr. Budi is entrusted to be the Pastor of Rayon 1F which oversees 16 church branches in Jakarta, 3 outside Jakarta, and 4 abroad including GBI Berlin. 

Since the beginning of the process of forming and starting GBI Berlin in 1996, Mr. Sastradiputra has been involved together with Mrs. Yenny Gunawan (current Pastor of GBI Berlin) and the late Mr. Anto Cheynubrata (Mrs. Yenny Gunawan's late husband). The first GBI Berlin service at that time was held at 'Restaurant Indonesia' owned by Mr. Anto and Mrs. Yenny. 

In fostering GBI Berlin, Mr. Sastradiputra very often communicates with Mrs. Gunawan both for spiritual matters, administration, reports, and financial matters. Praise God everything went very well. 

Mr. Sastradiputra married Mrs. Lim Tjing Kie in 1989 and until now they have no physical children. However, they have many spiritual children scattered in various places. 

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