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PPGG (Panitia Pengadaan Gedung Gereja)

More than twenty years since GBI Berlin was founded, we don't have a fix place to facilitate every our activities, i.e. Sunday Services, Tower of Prayer, Worshop / Seminar, etc. All other secondary activites such as worship & dance preparation, bible study group was done from house to house of Church's congregations. From this background we lack a lot of flexibility in term of providing a proper facilitation and as we see this condition and problems, all of the congregations has a same yearning to have a building for the church, that can maximize every Church's activites. Therefore since Juli 2013 we founded a committee that has a 3 years time of work. This committee (PPGG) focusing it's purpose to do the fundraising and collecting the informations regarding the property that we want to buy or to rent for a long term occassion.

God blesses us with enthusiasm in raising funds for God's church GBI Berlin through many ways:


- Special PPGG collection after every sunday service


- Selling homemade foods once in a month after every sunday service


- Selling merchandises


- Participation in some bazaar in Berlin


- Special donation from Rayon 1F in Indonesia


- "Promise of Faith" program (May 2015 - October 2015)

From May - October 2015 there was a "Promise of Faith" program that encouraged every congregation to put their faith in their giving, believing that God Himself will supply the ammount that we dare in faith to give. In 6 months we are very blessed to see that the congregations, in which 85% of it are students, collected a total of 15.556,80 €.


Here is the report :

Every funds will only be dedicated to aqcuire a building or a long term rent contract, therefore the treasury of PPGG is 100% TRANSPARENT. Until June 2018 we already collected :

TOTAL = 83.713,51 EURO



We are very grateful to see and experience, that everyone in GBI Berlin has done a great contribution for the purpose of building the House of God. I believe God doesn't see the ammount of money, but He sees directly into the heart of every givers, and God will repay every sacrifice with abundant of blessings. God bless you

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